Recruitment Policies

In MEDLOG CHILE we are committed with online security and we safeguard your personal information during the application processes to our company.

We want you to learn about our recruitment and screening procedures so you can protect your personal information.

  1. Publications: our job offers are only posted in specialized online sites with the following characteristics:
    1. The name of the company is not included in the job offer.
    2. We ask for your CV and no other document. We will not ask for an ID card, certifications of criminal background or other personal documents.
  2. Application: you will be asked to apply through job or careers websites or through our corporate website under the “work with us” item.
    1. Please remember that we will not ask you to send background information to email addresses that do not belong to our corporation. In specific cases and if the job offer is posted in any social network, we will only ask you to send your CV to the corporate email address of the person in charge of recruitment and screening.
  3. If you are included in a selection process, a member of our Human Resources team will contact you by phone or email (always from a corporate email address).
  4. During the process, we will continue to contact you by phone or email.
  5. Only if you are selected and hired, we will ask for a copy of your ID card and other documents in your first day at work to be included in your personal file.

Please let us know if you receive or detect a malicious offer asking for personal documents on behalf of MEDLOG CHILE that does not follow the regular procedure. You can contact us at 28620300.

Remember that safety is a common task and you should protect your online information.